Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything

Pitbull's latest single from his album Planet Pit has been making buzz in the charts around the world. An electro dance number featuring Ne-Yo and Nayer, called Give Me Everything. The single is produced by Dutch DJ/Producer Afrojack.

The single cover is simple. It has a head shot of Pitbull in formal shirt, tie and shades. Pitbull maintains his image with formal clothing and shades, and dominance of blue color (in continuation of his album cover). The cover, including the text, is all in black and blue duotone.

The text is where it really lost it. The word PITBULL appears above the head shot, and the featured artists names appear below in smaller text size. The title of the track, spaced and centrally-aligned, is written below the Pitbull's image. The TRON-inspired text was probably designed to give it a "cool" feel, but fails to make an impression. 

The image of Pitbull deserves credit for delivering that flirty look that complements the song theme. The blue color tone and presence of a faint lens glare focused on Pitbull, adds to his appearance nicely. Mr. Pitbull's looks and smirk suggest he has hit the right button with the right girl.

The overall design of this cover is fine, but the simple cover does not make any effort to appeal to the audience, which is a bummer considering this is second-best chart appearance of Pitbull as lead artist (I Know You Want Me - Calle Ocho was the best when it peaked at 2nd place on Billboard Hot 100 in 2009). It will pass under your radar without making any bleep. All in all, an average cover art that should have done more to do justice to the international club hit.