Thursday, 19 January 2012

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away is sixth single from Katy Perry's highly successful album, 'Teenage Dream'. This single is her attempt to break the record of having six singles from an album reaching the pinnacle of Billboard Hot 100 (US Top 10), a record previously held by Michael Jackson only, with his album 'Bad'. She tied MJ's record earlier with singles 'California Gurls', 'Teenage Dream', 'Firework', 'E.T.' and 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' from same album.

Katy Perry continues to re-invent herself with every new single. From beach beauty in California Gurls to a nerd teen in T.G.I.F., Katy Perry maintains her make-over streak. This time she is playing, what I like to call, a "Neo-60s" looks. Tilted hat and curls giving her a nice 60's appearance. The addition of pink hair adds a new dimension to the looks, which is why I call it Neo-60s.

Katy Perry doing it all
Beach beauty in California Gurls
Chic model in Fireworks

Futuristic alien in E.T

Nerd teen in T.G.I.F

The song and artist name are written in paintbrush fonts. The song name is in pink but artist name is in yellow (in my opinion, a little out-of-the-place). The cover portrait of Katy Perry with pink hair and spotless plastic skin, also gives an impression of a doll.

Against the greenish background and pink hair, she also looks a bit like Lotus, a symbol of purity, beauty and elegance. It may have been the artist's inspiration for the cover design.

Artist's inspiration

The highlight of the whole cover is her eyes. They really top it all. A certain emptiness and sadness in them is really making a difference in the cover, as if she still cannot believe, "the one has REALLY gotten away". Well done Ms. Perry and the artist.