Saturday, 18 June 2011

Example - Changed the Way You Kiss Me

Changed the Way You Kiss Me is latest electro dance release by Example. This is first single from his upcoming third album, Playing in the Shadows. The single peaked UK singles chart immediately upon it's release.

 The cover design is simple, so my review is going to be pretty short, since there is not much to say here.

The cover art is black and white, giving it a vantage appearance. The large and round 'e' adds to it by giving it an old vinyl record looks. The text is all small letters. The large and strong 'e', that has been trademark at most of Example's recent outings (drum kit, T-shirt print etc.), is present here with all it's glory. His name also appears in the same style as his previous albums and singles.

The cover art is very dark (Example has said that his upcoming album is going to be darker than previous albums). The plain and simple art clearly wants to avoid revealing anything about the album. Even the word 'example' appears same as seen earlier in last album and singles. Either Example wants to stick to it, or like most artists, he is waiting to transform when his album is ready to hit the market.

In my opinion, a tight-lipped art that clearly wants to avoid exposure. Unfortunately, in all it's composure, the cover art forgot the song it is supposed to represent.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat

Alexandra Stan is making music headlines across Europe with her latest single called Mr. Saxobeat. The Romanian beauty finally managed to make ripples in music charts as far as United Kingdom.

In the cover art, Alexandra has fortune-teller thing going on with bracelet beads and long earrings, which fits nicely with Alexandra's Romanian origin.

Pink and white abstract background makes a soft appearance. Yet black colors in the background art gives slightly sinister and sensual touch to it. I believe this is intentional since the music video of the song goes along the same lines with it's theme 'jail-breaking criminals disguised as foxy cops'. Her sitting stance with legs wide open is also unlike lady, which also hints of her dominatrix persona.

Though the overall cover art has slight soft cloud effect, which works well in saving her beauty and fragility from getting compromised in all the darkness in the cover. The shoulder fur goes further in adding to the softness.

The letter O in the word Saxobeat is made to appear like a speaker. Putting a speaker on cover art when the song title has word "beat" in it, is a nice touch. This is fine example of how simple an small things can make a big difference in a cover art. Her name appears on the cover in her signature style. The N in STAN is inverted and mirrors the N in ALEXANDRA. The cover artist deserves praise for it in my opinion. It really puts the, otherwise simple and dull text in perspective.

Overall, I am pleased with the cover for its many creative tidbits. Nicely done.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar

Aloe Blacc's "I Need a Dollar" has been hitting the top of music charts recently. It was widely successful across Europe reaching top ten in many countries including the UK.

The music and lyrics are by Leon Michels, Nathaniel Hawkins, Nick Movshon and Jeff Dynamite.

Its the title track for the HBO show How to Make It in America, and was also featured as the iTunes Single of the Week.

The cover art of this song gives a very vibrant aura. Aloe Blacc is standing in a plush white suit with a big red bow tie. We can see trees and sunlight in the backdrop. Aloe's facial expression gives a calm and resolute look, he stands tall & gives a feel of a man of style and taste.The use of the colors white and red gives more of a festive feel, the green in the backdrop gives an outdoor persona to the whole cover artwork making aloe look like a man on a mission .

On a personal note, I would have preferred a low tone artwork to complement the title of the track. This cover gives an opposite impression to what the song is about, wearing a red bow tie and white suit gives more of 'I have plenty of dollars and there are more coming' feel than otherwise.

All in all, a different approach from his previous covers, the artist has succeeded in grabbing the audience's attention through the use of contrasting colors, but keeping in mind the title of the track, it has failed to live up to the expectations.