Sunday, 12 June 2011

Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat

Alexandra Stan is making music headlines across Europe with her latest single called Mr. Saxobeat. The Romanian beauty finally managed to make ripples in music charts as far as United Kingdom.

In the cover art, Alexandra has fortune-teller thing going on with bracelet beads and long earrings, which fits nicely with Alexandra's Romanian origin.

Pink and white abstract background makes a soft appearance. Yet black colors in the background art gives slightly sinister and sensual touch to it. I believe this is intentional since the music video of the song goes along the same lines with it's theme 'jail-breaking criminals disguised as foxy cops'. Her sitting stance with legs wide open is also unlike lady, which also hints of her dominatrix persona.

Though the overall cover art has slight soft cloud effect, which works well in saving her beauty and fragility from getting compromised in all the darkness in the cover. The shoulder fur goes further in adding to the softness.

The letter O in the word Saxobeat is made to appear like a speaker. Putting a speaker on cover art when the song title has word "beat" in it, is a nice touch. This is fine example of how simple an small things can make a big difference in a cover art. Her name appears on the cover in her signature style. The N in STAN is inverted and mirrors the N in ALEXANDRA. The cover artist deserves praise for it in my opinion. It really puts the, otherwise simple and dull text in perspective.

Overall, I am pleased with the cover for its many creative tidbits. Nicely done.


  1. You're trying too hard to make her something she isn't: "Alexandra has fortune-teller thing" "which fits nicely with Alexandra's Romanian origin"? Wtf? Are you stupid or what? Since when do Romanians wear something like that traditionally? Go in Romania and see for youself the beauty and diverisity of their ancestral costumes, something that UK lost centuries ago. By the way, they lost their common sense long ago as well. Or have they ever possessed it? I doubt.

  2. Appreciate your feedback. I will try to avoid typecasting based on what English media shows us.
    Point Noted. Thanks.