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  • Thursday, 19 January 2012

    Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

    The One That Got Away is sixth single from Katy Perry's highly successful album, 'Teenage Dream'. This single is her attempt to break the record of having six singles from an album reaching the pinnacle of Billboard Hot 100 (US Top 10), a record previously held by Michael Jackson only, with his album 'Bad'. She tied MJ's record earlier with singles 'California Gurls', 'Teenage Dream', 'Firework', 'E.T.' and 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' from same album.

    Katy Perry continues to re-invent herself with every new single. From beach beauty in California Gurls to a nerd teen in T.G.I.F., Katy Perry maintains her make-over streak. This time she is playing, what I like to call, a "Neo-60s" looks. Tilted hat and curls giving her a nice 60's appearance. The addition of pink hair adds a new dimension to the looks, which is why I call it Neo-60s.

    Katy Perry doing it all
    Beach beauty in California Gurls
    Chic model in Fireworks

    Futuristic alien in E.T

    Nerd teen in T.G.I.F

    The song and artist name are written in paintbrush fonts. The song name is in pink but artist name is in yellow (in my opinion, a little out-of-the-place). The cover portrait of Katy Perry with pink hair and spotless plastic skin, also gives an impression of a doll.

    Against the greenish background and pink hair, she also looks a bit like Lotus, a symbol of purity, beauty and elegance. It may have been the artist's inspiration for the cover design.

    Artist's inspiration

    The highlight of the whole cover is her eyes. They really top it all. A certain emptiness and sadness in them is really making a difference in the cover, as if she still cannot believe, "the one has REALLY gotten away". Well done Ms. Perry and the artist.

    Tuesday, 27 December 2011

    Coldplay - Paradise

    The cover art is an interesting one, as on a first look it looks like your average run of the mill abstract art but what makes it more appealing is the artists (whose name I can't find anywhere on the internet) use of subliminal messaging and its links with the Mylo Xyloto theme and the abstractness of the name of the album itself.

    Overall the cover is quite a simple one, it is an abstract piece that enmeshes different shades of blue with randomly placed bold brush strokes of black, white, magenta, pink, yellow and green (Colors which were put to good use in the 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall' video). In the bottom right corner the word art appears written in light blue color against a backdrop of whiteness. If one looks closely one can see a barely visible phrase written in a light graphite grey
     The message reads Glowing in the Dark.

    The name of the artist and the song is written in translucent soap bubble like fonts (similar to the albums cover), which apparently is the unicycle riding elephant's hand(paw?)writing as its seen on the placards he hold while busking in the video, with a similarly styled butterfly fluttering just above the text. Below the text a crayon art of another butterfly and an Archimedean spiral is portrayed, both are a recurring theme in not only this song and its video but in concerts, wardrobes and official webpage.

    Official Webpage

    On Guy Berryman's sleeve
     My initial opinion, when I started writing this review, of the cover was a negative one, based on the creative streak that the video carried I was thinking that the cover might have been much more than what it is, but as I got deeper into writing it and researching for it I realized that this cover makes an important piece of a jigsaw puzzle built around the theme used  by Coldplay to promote this album. In conclusion, the cover art is a brilliant one in my opinion although it might not be initially patronizing but, like a Van Gogh art piece, it grows on one as one studies it.

    Sunday, 25 December 2011

    Little Mix - Cannonball

    Little Mix made history on 11th December, by being the first group to win The X Factor in its eight years run. Their debut single, Cannonball is a cover of Irish singer, Damien Rice's song.

    The cover is predominantly black & white with bits of it in colors. The group is present on the cover in walking posture. The band's name is on top in different colors. "The X Factor Winner" logo is present in a slight tilt, giving it an appearance of a seal (emblem). The title of the song is at the bottom, in black.

    The girls are mostly in black and white, except some of their clothing and accessories are in colors. The band name "Little Mix" also has a pencil-sketch shadow. This is giving the cover a nice little touch, as if the girls are coming out of monochrome into the spotlight and yet-to-show their full colors (read "potential"). Which is true in their case, since they have only been covering others' songs and we have yet to hear their original stuff.

    On the downside, there are couple of things I disliked about the cover. First, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock (girls on the right) are both sporting half-shaven hairstyle, which we have already seen on Cassie and Rihanna, and more recently on Willow Smith and Cher Lloyd (another X Factor participant). I am not personally against the hairstyle, although I do find it a little risky. But my main complain is, why two of them?
    Secondly, Jesy's outfit is poor. It simply makes her look chubby. Skin-tight leggings for her is a bad idea.

    Despite its small shortcomings, I like the cover for its classy appearance and light shades of colors (easy on the eyes). And the girls showing off lovely genuine smiles. Overall, a decent cover.

    Thursday, 22 December 2011

    Lana Del Rey - Video Games

    The cover is a simple front-facing photo of Lana standing behind an off-white background. Her name is written to the left of the photo in semi classical fonts. The names of the two tracks which make the EP are written in ordinary fonts.

    What catches the attention immediately are her artificially pouty 'fake' lips, (which are creating quite a buzz in the indie music blogosphere), the floral head wreath and the cross necklace. All of this goes well with her soulful so called 'gangsta nancy sinatra'-esque voice and her enticing 1950's looks, which she has been wearing in her introductory makeover ever since she has donned the spotlight. One thing that deserves a mention here is the artist's fascination with  flowers. In her fledgling career, flowers have been a part of her outfit on many different promotional photographs, videos, concerts and promotional events.

    To conclude it all, the cover bodes well as her portrait of flame haired, wide eyed, pucker lipped and floral encrusted dame, altogether, fits with her deep voice and her overall public persona of a post-war era cinematic beauty.

    Saturday, 18 June 2011

    Example - Changed the Way You Kiss Me

    Changed the Way You Kiss Me is latest electro dance release by Example. This is first single from his upcoming third album, Playing in the Shadows. The single peaked UK singles chart immediately upon it's release.

     The cover design is simple, so my review is going to be pretty short, since there is not much to say here.

    The cover art is black and white, giving it a vantage appearance. The large and round 'e' adds to it by giving it an old vinyl record looks. The text is all small letters. The large and strong 'e', that has been trademark at most of Example's recent outings (drum kit, T-shirt print etc.), is present here with all it's glory. His name also appears in the same style as his previous albums and singles.

    The cover art is very dark (Example has said that his upcoming album is going to be darker than previous albums). The plain and simple art clearly wants to avoid revealing anything about the album. Even the word 'example' appears same as seen earlier in last album and singles. Either Example wants to stick to it, or like most artists, he is waiting to transform when his album is ready to hit the market.

    In my opinion, a tight-lipped art that clearly wants to avoid exposure. Unfortunately, in all it's composure, the cover art forgot the song it is supposed to represent.

    Sunday, 12 June 2011

    Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat

    Alexandra Stan is making music headlines across Europe with her latest single called Mr. Saxobeat. The Romanian beauty finally managed to make ripples in music charts as far as United Kingdom.

    In the cover art, Alexandra has fortune-teller thing going on with bracelet beads and long earrings, which fits nicely with Alexandra's Romanian origin.

    Pink and white abstract background makes a soft appearance. Yet black colors in the background art gives slightly sinister and sensual touch to it. I believe this is intentional since the music video of the song goes along the same lines with it's theme 'jail-breaking criminals disguised as foxy cops'. Her sitting stance with legs wide open is also unlike lady, which also hints of her dominatrix persona.

    Though the overall cover art has slight soft cloud effect, which works well in saving her beauty and fragility from getting compromised in all the darkness in the cover. The shoulder fur goes further in adding to the softness.

    The letter O in the word Saxobeat is made to appear like a speaker. Putting a speaker on cover art when the song title has word "beat" in it, is a nice touch. This is fine example of how simple an small things can make a big difference in a cover art. Her name appears on the cover in her signature style. The N in STAN is inverted and mirrors the N in ALEXANDRA. The cover artist deserves praise for it in my opinion. It really puts the, otherwise simple and dull text in perspective.

    Overall, I am pleased with the cover for its many creative tidbits. Nicely done.